How to use your LinkyBrain and not care what others think

April 4, 2018



I’m sure by now you’ve seen the term LinkyBrain being shared around LinkedIn and Twitter. I’m a LinkyBrain myself, and I’ve written a couple of articles about what it is to be a LinkyBrain, and how it ties in with my bipolar disorder.


For (probably) my final LinkyBrain article, I’d like to talk about how I use my LinkyBrain. What’s the point in having this gift if you don’t do anything with it?! Here are 3 things that are really important to me, that I’m using my LinkyBrain to try and achieve.



Helping people


I feel a genuine joy in seeing people achieve their potential and becoming the best version of themselves. If I can use whatever skills I have to help them along their way, then I will always do so.


The thing is, most people aren’t being all they can be. The limit themselves with their own beliefs. They don’t believe they can achieve their goals because of some spurious reason, so they never start trying. 


I believe my foremost skill is in building networks. During my time at LinkedIn, I saw first-hand the power of the network. I understand that most people are like me and want to help, you just have to connect them with the right people. I love to make introductions to people who can help each other.


I’ve got a great personal network, an inner circle of people who pull each other forward. I’m trying to recreate that on a larger scale with Sales Confidence. When you come to a Sales Confidence event, you know you are going to meet people who are on the way up and value the same things you do, hard work and success.


My other network concerns my old school. I love my school, The Windsor Boys’ School, like other people love their football team. I built my school’s alumni network to develop deeper connections and pull people back to support its future success.



Achieving freedom


Freedom is something that’s really important to me.


I want to achieve freedom in 2 ways. Money and time. Money is sometimes a taboo subject, but things are changing. I remember when I was young, while everyone my age was saying they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or whatever, I said I wanted to be rich. People didn’t want to hear that kind of ambition outside the norm, it made them uncomfortable, but I still think that way. I want money for my family, money for causes that are special to me, but I also want financial freedom.


I believe that financial freedom means being able to make your own choices. Even if you make a bad choice, at least it’s your choice to make. Think of the VIP room in a club. Once you’re in there, you realise you’re in the same club, with the same music, same carpet, same people chatting nonsense in your ear, but hey, you’re there and no one is telling you that you can’t be in there! The same way, no one is going to tell me I can’t achieve my dreams.


The other freedom involves time. 9-5 has never been enough for me. I want to work when I want to work. Right now, that means all the time, although my family disagree! But I want to be free to make that choice. Go all out when I want, go on a long holiday if I want. It’s why I can no longer work for anyone other than myself. I’m unemployable!



Being happy


The final thing I’m using my LinkyBrain for is to find true happiness and contentment.


To be honest, it’s not that hard. When you’ve been to rock bottom, things can only get better. You learn to appreciate everything you have. When you’ve been broken, had everything stripped away from you, you come to accept that contentment comes from within.


These days, I’m pretty happy with who I am and what I’m doing. I may not hit all my targets, I may not achieve the business success I want, I may not reach the level of wealth I aspire to. That’s fine, however. My life is just how I want it. I’m doing it my way.


I want to run my business and life in a way that’s fun and reflects my character. I’m into observational humour and banter. I’m blunt, but I’m always blunt with a smile on my face. I tease people, but playfully. I feel like most of the time I’m a pretty likeable guy. When you have a meeting with me, or come to one of my events, I think I can always guarantee a few laughs and an entertaining couple of hours.



To finish up, the experiences I’ve been through in my life have led to me being completely beyond caring what people think about me. I hope people like me, but if they don’t, I’m not bothered at all. That’s why I’m comfortable writing like I do, laying it all bare.


I hope some of what I’ve said here resonates with you. If it does, leave me a comment to let me know. Also, if you think you’re a LinkyBrain too, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.






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