7 tips that will make you more successful

February 21, 2018



Success isn’t going to come to you. Here are some tips to go out there and get it.


No one has success handed to them on a plate. They go out there and find it. The most successful people aren’t necessarily the brightest, or the most charismatic. However, they’ve followed their own formula, and they’ve been smart enough to notice the right opportunities when they see them.


All super-successful people have followed their own formula to achieve what they have. Myself, I’m not in the big leagues yet, but I’ve achieved a fair amount in a short time and my ambitions are extremely big. Here are 7 pieces of advice that I’m following on my journey. Maybe they can help you too.


1 – Dream, visualise and set goals


I’ve written an article about my dreams pretty recently. You can read it here.


I absolutely believe that your dreams affect your waking life too. I make sure I feed my brain with positive thought throughout the day, then when I dream, I dream positive dreams full of success. I use these dreams as a motivator, to spur me on to achieve.


To feed my brain, I visualise what I want in my life. I do it in a really intense way. My visions are clear and specific. A better, more successful self.


I also set SMART goals for success, which I assess and revisit regularly. I map them, I draw them, I write them down, whatever works.  They help me visualise exactly what I want. It works for me. My dreams are coming true. Could it work for you?


2 – Work hard


There aren’t many successful people who didn’t get there by working hard, even if it’s not the image they project to the world. For me, hard work is the essential component to success.


When I worked in the corporate sector I made sure I put in longer hours than anyone else in my team. Funnily enough, I soon became the highest earner. Try it. See what happens.


It’s funny because it sounds so simple, but many people don’t see the benefit in doing this. They look for shortcuts. These days, we’re spoilt by high employment, Deliveroo, Netflix, social media and everything else. We have a distorted view of what we are entitled to.


I’m here today because I’ve put in the hours. If you’re not doing the same, you won’t win.


3 – Soak up knowledge from the best people


I realised pretty early that I don’t know everything. In fact, no one does. However, I also realised that whatever I want to know, there’s someone around that can tell me the answer.


There are people who have walked the path that I’m on. They’ve found success and now they’re happy to share their stories. I devoured the books of Tony Robbins, Eric Ries, Tim Ferriss, Napoleon Hill, Ken Blanchard and others. I don’t know these people, but I think of them as my mentors now.


In SaaS businesses, although I’ve always been the sales specialist, I’ve always tried to absorb knowledge up from other departments. The developers I’ve worked with are smarter than I could ever comprehend being. They know product development and innovation so deeply. I could sit with them all day.


Look for the people who have achieved what you want to achieve, and soak up whatever they have to share. Never discount anything as below you or unimportant.


4 – Social selling is effective and easy to start


Social selling, utilising social networks to sell, has been a massive factor in achieving my career goals. If you’re not using this method, you should be. Try it out. Here are a few ideas.


I use the rule of 7 when social selling with a prospect: Social, email, phone, social, email, phone, email.


Write content on the subjects you specialise in. At the start, no one will read it. That’s just how it works. Don’t be discouraged though. It helps you think, and articulate your knowledge.


Comment on your prospects’ LinkedIn and Twitter content. Show that you’re interested, and don’t be afraid to show some personality. Be funny, but not over-the-top funny.


Ask for referrals or warm introductions to people you really want to reach.


5 – Educate and evangelise


When you’re selling products or services that are disruptive and innovative, people aren’t always going to know what you’re talking about straight away. You have to educate and evangelise.


When I’ve sold to corporates with many different decision-makers at different levels, I’ve always found that they won’t push themselves to understand you. You have to go to them.


I talk to everybody. I tell stories that communicate benefits easily. I show them the outcomes that will make them money, save them money, save them time etc. I do this by telling them how other customers have succeeded with my product. I make it customer-centric.


Whatever you’re selling, you have to take the lead on educating your audience and show the belief to see it through.


6 – Qualification and disqualification


This is another thing I’ve written about many times. Here’s a recent article about qualification. It’s so important though. You only have so many hours in the day. Don’t waste them with people who don’t want to buy from you. They’re giving you signals all the time. Read them.


Always be looking for a way to take a prospect out of your pipeline, either by closing a deal, or disqualifying them out. Manage your pipeline effectively and you’ll close more deals.


7 – Look after yourself


Final one, but very important. You can’t operate at full capacity in anything if your body isn’t in good condition.


Eating well and getting regular exercise is important for sure, but I really want to talk about your head.


Check in with yourself regularly and think about how your journey is affecting you. Be good to yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard if it’s affecting you in a negative way. We all have our limits.


Be patient. If you’re doing good things, good things will happen. Feed your head with material that reinforces a patient approach, The Bible, books on Buddhism and stoicism. Don’t worry about taking your full holiday allocation. The world moves fast, but not that fast. Marathon sprint etc.


To conclude, these are the methods that are working for me right now. Some or all could work for you too. Whatever your goals are, never give up on them. We only get one life. Live it.


Over to you now. What do you think of my tips for success? What would you like to add to it? Let me know in the comments below.








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