21 tips for mastering sales on Linkedin

May 12, 2017

  1. Complete your profile to 'All Star Status'

  2. Download the mobile app

  3. Install Sales Navigator

  4. Follow your top 50 prospects or customers

  5. Add your top 10 prospect or customer decision makers as leads

  6. Share your companies content in your feed

  7. Write inmails using insights from reading the targets profile and company feed

  8. Leverage TEAMLINK and ask for introductions

  9. Connect with every person you meet

  10. Ask your customer for a testimonial

  11. Ask your customer for a referral

  12. Connect with all your co-workers

  13. Publish informative posts

  14. Share your posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

  15. Share your posts in inmails to customers/prospects

  16. Add your pitch deck, follow up to Pointdrive in Sales Navigator

  17. Monitor ‘ trigger events’ like status updates and add a comment

  18. Create discussions that engage

  19. Check your SSI and compete with peers

  20. Follow and learn from other influencers

  21. Always follow up, Always follow up




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