Passionate About Inspiring Others

My mission is to help people be the best they can be. If you’re in sales, I want to give you the tools to enable you to be the best.

For me, the best part of being in sales is picking yourself up after rejection. There’s nothing like it. You’re hit, but you overcome it. Then, you move an opportunity through your pipeline, close a deal, get rewarded for your success. What could be better?


Because of my background in national and international rowing, I have always had a need to pursue self-improvement and excellence. Success in sales is a combination of mindset, hard work and smart choices.


As a father of three young children, I have discovered the importance of investing in your health, family and personal time. As much as I enjoy my high earnings and successful sales career, I don't let my ambition get in the way of the time I spend with my family. That said, I’m aware that the lifestyle I'm able to maintain today is as a result of my success in sales.


The path to earning 6 figures was hard. I’ve had to battle back from burnout at extreme levels to progress in my career. There are experiences I want to help others avoid. In my sales workshops, I share deep and acutely personal stories. Success requires hard work and going the extra mile, but not to the detriment to your wellbeing.


In my free time, I run The Windsor Boys' School Alumni and run events for Windsorpreneurs. I enjoy the gym, running and golf. Most of all, I love spending my time with my fiancee and three children.  

You you are particularly interested in sales visit my company site Sales Confidence.


Companies I've worked for
  • Obit Telecom - acquired by Daisy Telecom

  • Aston Carter - acquired by Alleges

  • Huddle

  • Ometria

  • LinkedIn - acquired by Microsoft

  • Sales Confidence - Founder

  • SaaSGrowth - Founder
  • Opogo - Chief Revenue Officer
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