Introducing my inner circle


Join me as I explore the links that bind human beings together and try to find my #innercircle100.


I’m fascinated with the concept of the influencer. We’re lucky to live in a world where brilliant people are sharing their knowledge and ideas, usually free of charge. I’m on a mission to grab it all with both hands, as well as add to it in my own small way.


Recently I was finding out more about LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman. Did you know that as well as founding PayPal, Reid also started a precursor to LinkedIn, called Social Net? It was a prototype social network, based on the principle of 6 degrees of separation which he owned a patent for.


Ties that bind


You’ve probably heard of the theory of 6 degrees of separation. The idea is that all living things and every single person in the world can be linked together in six or fewer steps. Your friends are one step away, friends of friends are 2 steps away, and so on. Any two people on the planet can be connected in a maximum of 6 steps.


It’s a staggering concept, first put forward by the Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy, in a short story from 1929, called Chains.


Over my time working at LinkedIn I’ve curated a long list of companies and influencers who I enjoy following and reading about. This list now numbers 100 people. They’ve affected me over my life time in some way through their writing, their films, art and entertainment. I call this list my Inner Circle 100.


I’m going to meet them all. In person. For real.


How hard can it be?


I like to think I’m pretty adept at sales. Hey, I started Sales Confidence to be an advocate for the sales profession.


For years, I’ve been mapping organisations and tracking down the right people to talk to. I think with a bit of planning, reaching my top 100 influencers is possible, right?


Then you’ve got the 6 degrees of separation. If old Frigyes was right, with your help, and the help of my network, I should be able to reach out to these people.


As part of my quest, I want to employ the concept of ‘paying it forward’. I’m happy to help anyone in any way I can. If you can help with through your network, I’d love to help you through mine.


Will you help me?


I’m going to be documenting my journey on Twitter with the hashtag #Innercircle100 and at @innercircle100, and many other places besides. I hope you’ll join me, and tell everyone you know.


See the full list of people below.

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