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This book is for those diagnosed with a mental illness and also for those friends and family members of a loved one with a mental illness who want to understand what they may be going through.

This book is very useful for those admitted to a mental health hospital; it includes practical tips to overcome the challenges as well as provide a honest account of the reality of being sectioned.

The book takes a positive take on an adventure experienced by a young man diagnosed with Bipolar  but does not hold back from the strange, peculiar and odd thoughts and actions that occured as well as the damaging impact of the highs and lows on those around him.

Since opening up about living with Bipolar Disorder, James strives to help people understand the positive aspects to living with a mental illness. He seeks to remove the stigma attached to mental health, simply focusing on telling his story with honesty and energy.

This is will be a book everyone should read.

How to survive a mental health hospital admission

Written by

James Ski

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